/ balo + topo.

interactive toys.


/ materials: parotta and poplar wood.
/ status: prototype.
/ project mentor: Claudio Monterrubio.
/ technical assistance: Raúl de la Torre and Joel López (woodworking).
/ photography: Mijali Posada.



Mexico is a country full of cultural richness, however, the Mexican toy industry is not in its best place. It suffers from lack of good-design culture, so users lack a solid culture identity. Balo and Topo were born in the idea to counter attack this idea. The main objective of these objects is to be one that represents Mexicans made by Mexicans. The objects are inspired in iconic Mexican toys: the balero and the trompo, synthesizing key elements of both objects.

Their main purpose is that they are objects without limitations for the user. Thanks to their modularity the user can have the freedom of personalizing the objects as they want, swapping the heads, bodies, and wheels. The main objective of the toy is to help young users develop their fine motor skills, making use of the assemblies made with magnets. The prototype was made with wood turned parotta and poplar woods


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