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/ conexáo.

furniture (2021)
decreto studio

Conexáo is a furniture collection inspired by the network of connections found in nature, through pieces that incite the nexus between the user and the object.


Everything has a start and an end, everything is connected, we are interconnected beings that seek to grow by creating ties with the environment. Under this premise, the Conexáo Collection was designed as a group of resting objects that incite relaxation and contemplation of our surroundings. Nature is by definition the biggest network ever created, showing us how each

organism has a specific, yet important task in this world, and the actions of each organism affect others. The pandemic has made us rethink the object we interact with, by using this premise, the collection was born, using organic elements as a design language for the piece, creating an emotional bond with the user.


The collection combines a Japanese aesthetic with organic design elements, conceiving pieces that have continuity in form and function, allowing them to be in spaces with different styles without breaking with the environment’s harmony. Due to the pieces’ warmth, they can be placed in different ambiances, accentuating the objects in the space.


Conexáo’s morphology was constructed using interconnected circles and straight lines, giving as a result pieces with continuous lines, never perceiving the start and ending point of its construction, as a result, the objects have infinite circles that create the object’s structure. These forms are a result of studying nature’s behaviors, understanding how they grow, adapt, and evolve through time in different environments.


Conexáo was designed for Decreto Studio collaborating with Eduardo Oyervidez, a project that focuses on sensory experiences using objects as a medium to execute them.

/ client: Decreto Studio.

/ design: Eduardo Oyervidez, Mijali Posada.

/ awards and exhibitions: Emergente - ZsONAMACO Diseño, Mexico City (2022). / manufacturing: Jero Constructores.

/ materials and techniques: Red Oak.

/ dimensions:

_ dining Chair (50 x 55 x 85 H cm).

_ tall Side Table (50 x 50 x 40 H cm).

_ low Side Table (44 x 44 x 36 H cm).

/ status: Production upon request.

/ place of production: Mexico City, Mexico.

/ photography: Mijali Posada Polyorides.

Colección 01_Conexáo.jpg
Colección 04_Conexáo.jpg
Colección 03_Conexáo.jpg
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