Interatto is a ceramics collection that seeks to create an emotional bond with the user through the use of material experimentation.


/ interatto.

tableware (2017)
school project.

Interatto was born based on the need to design a family of products where the user could interact with others and feel in a trust environment. The collection is inspired on the circus of freaks, who were segregated from society for being different to the social standards, used to entertain on events. Unfortunately, they were never seen with eyes of love and admiration, their life was quite miserable and solitary.

The collection is composed art object elements, such as a coffee table, shot glasses, big glasses, an ashtray, a botanero and a pendant luminaire. Each one of the designed elements were thought on specific characteristics of the circus’ characters, making this a tribute for them.

The project seeks the human interaction by using the art-object pieces to generate conversation, and with this the creation an emotional bond with the objects. The technique and experimentation were key elements on this project. The bubble glazing technique was used as an experimentation, creating one-of-a-kind objects, as if they were the freaks.

/ inspiration.

pictures taken at from different sources of Pinterest.

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/ design: Mijali Posada Polydorides,
/ project mentor: Juan Modesto Peña and Salvador Jarero.
/ technical assistance: Salvador Jarero and Santiago Vega.
/ materials: low temperature ceramics, mahogany solid wood, and concrete.
/ dimensions: variable.
/ status: production upon request.
/ photography: Mijali Posada.