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furniture (2021)

Enikós is a series of objects that pride our individuality through the use of unique materials and processes.

Colección Enikós_Artelinea.jpg

We are unique entities in a world that disavows us, irrepetible and uneven beings. Under this premise the Enikós (from Greek, singular) collection was born: a set of objects that seek to raise individuality through the use of materials and processes that generate unique pieces. We live in a world that forces us to fit in in a certain category, as we set aside our individuality. Metaphorizing this idea is how the Enikós collection was born, taking pride in the individual beauty of each of us. The objects that constitute this collection aim to generate contemplation, appreciation and interaction rituals, generating positive changes on the ambience.

The ideation process started by the overlapping of circles, making the conceptual development easier to translate, to generate unique and interesting patterns, translated in a tridimensional plane.


The Enikós collection is a series of collectible design pieces, for this first stage four objects were designed: two side tables and two lazy susans. The objects have the intention of generation ludic dynamics with the users, so the objects of the collection have movable planes, alluding to the ‘lazy susan’ typology.

Enikós has been showcased at:

/ 2021. Inédito - ZsONAMACO Diseño, Mexico City.

/ client: Artelinea.
/ design: Mijali Posada Polydorides
/ awards and exhibitions: Inédito - Design Week México 2021, Mexico City
/ woodworking: María Aziz Ebanistas
/ stone work: Taller de Recinto (Roberto Franco, Andrés Franco, Daniel)
/ materials and techniques: Red Tezontle, Carved White Oak.
/ dmensions: 
_ centro - low: (60 x 68 x 17 H cm)
_ centro - tall: (45 x 54 x 32 H cm)
_ side table - short: (50 x 50 x 45 H cm)
_ side table - tall: (70 x 70 x 65 H cm)
status: Production upon request
/ place of production: Mexico City, México.

/ photography: María Achach, Mijali Posada Polydorides

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