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/ we believe design is a non linear process that needs a specific method for each project.

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/ design must be a deeply thought process, understanding forms from their most basic origin, conceiving dots, that become lines, transformed into planes and materialized in a tridimensional object.

1. empathize.

we understand our client, the project, its needs, the user and everything that will help us understand how the stakeholders involved with the project will coexist.

2. understand.

we tell stories through deep and meaningful concepts, using tools that help us to have a clear direction of where we are going.

3. explore.

we explore an infinite number of directions of how the concept that me materialized in the physical world.

4. validate.

we make tangible our ideas through different sorts of prototypes, physical and digital, to validate the idea we had aligns with the project’s direction.

5. communicate.

we present our ideas and share them with the world, praising our beautiful creations and making us feel proud for what we have created.

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