/ strategic advertising.

service and experience design.


/ status: rendering - scale model prototype.
/ project mentors: PhD. David Sanchez and MDI. Juan Leñero.


/ made in collaboration with:
- Braulio Hernandez Ochoa
- Mauricio Haro


/ special thanks:

Beckmann Foundation.

- Hotel Villa Tequila.


The project was selected among one of the best four projects by the Beckmann Foundation,

to have further development and future implementation.



From January to May 2019, we worked with Beckmann Foundation (Owners of José Cuervo Tequila), located in Tequila, Mexico, with specific clients. We collaborated with the restaurant of the Hotel Villa Tequila, to do a deep analysis of their service and try to improve their experience using technology in our favor.


After an extensive research, some opportunities were detected in the areas of lack of identity, bad food waste management, and high rate of reservation cancellation since the restaurant is not located in the city center. The pre-service experience was redesigned, making it unique in Tequila. The system is made up a resting area, a virtual interface and a technological treasure hunt, making a holistic solution to our client’s problems.

_resting area + food design experience.

Since the restaurant is not located in the city center of Tequila, there is a shuttle bus that takes clients from the city center to the restaurant back and forth. But the users were waiting for the shuttle standing up and there wasn’t a big advertising campaign that showed Villa Tequila’s identity. A set of benches were designed, making the waiting experience of the shuttle bus more appealing and relaxing. The resting area, besides being a relaxing spot for tourists, it serves as a center of distribution of advertising as an exchange of commodity, as all the elements designed count with Villa Tequila´s identity.


In addition to the resting area and to attract curious costumers, a tejuinera-like(1) kart was designed. The product intended to be sold in the kart are popsicles made in the moment using liquid nitrogen, creating a food design experience, where the user can personalize their popsicle as they want, they can even add a liquor to it to “drink” alcohol in a different way.


(1) Tejuinera – a food kart that sells tejuino, a cold beverage made from fermented corn, popular in the Jalisco area.

_virtual interface.

A virtual interface was designed as well, to work alongside the resting area. The hostess will use the app to show the hotel and its different attributes, as well as the restaurant’s menu. Specifically, it will work as a reservation interface, were the hostess will register the people attending to the restaurant, as well as if they are eating from the buffet. On the weekends – when the restaurant is at its full capacity – the restaurant serves buffet with plates from the region, but since not all the food is consumed after the two-hour regulation, the food is thrown away. So, the interface will reduce the amount of food consumed by sending directly to the kitchen the number of visitors expected, so that they can estimate the amount of food to be cooked and served.

_treasure hunt.

Tequila is known for producing the world-wide known Tequila liquor, but the city is more than just alcohol. Throughout this experience, the visitors of the restaurant are invited to walk to the restaurant by following a map suggested by the hostess. The user will scan some plates that are placed on the route to the restaurant, and they will show information about Tequila´s rich history. By walking to the restaurant, they will help the environment, reducing the need of transportation, and as an exchange, the restaurant will give the users a courtesy.

mijali posada / industrial design.

website / v_02.1