/ mijali posada polydorides.

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Mexico, 1997.


Mijali Posada Polydorides is a Mexican-Cypriot Industrial Designer from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico, with studies at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy. His work seeks to question through objects day-to-day elements, and with this, evoke emotions. Conceptualization is a key element in his design process, connecting his personal experiences with tangible solutions, evoking deep and unique emotions.


His approach to design is product-based with a strong base on design research, backed-up with a solid knowledge in conceptual design.

1. Attention to detail is a key element in the design process.

2. Design as if it was the last design designed.

3. Conformity is a forbidden word.

4. Show Mexican design all over the world.

5. Think through a sketch, model or words.

6. Communication is key in the design process.

7. Design is done today, not tomorrow.

8. Create timelessness objects.

9. Generate experiences through products.

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