I got a thing for chairs.

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Mexico, 1997.


Mijali Posada Polydorides is a Mexican-Cypriot industrial Designer from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico, with studies in product and interaction design at Politecnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy. His work seeks to question through objects day-to-day elements, and with this, evoke emotions. Conceptualization is a key element in his design process, connecting his personal experiences with tangible solutions, evoking deep and unique emotions.


The portrayal of personal experiences on the objects he designs is a key element in his practice, generating unique concepts that converge deep emotions. His approach to design is product-based with a strong base on design research, backed-up with a solid knowledge in conceptual design.

1. Attention to detail is a key element in the design process.

2. Design as if it was the last design designed.

3. Conformity is a forbidden word.

4. Show Mexican design all over the world.

5. Think through a sketch, model or words.

6. Communication is key in the design process.

7. Design is done today, not tomorrow.

8. Create timelessness objects.

9. Generate experiences through products.

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/ exhibitions and 

april 2021

/ Emergente - ZsONAMACO Design, Mexico City.

project Colonia - vases.

project Colección Mon - tableware.

march 2021

/ A! Design Award.

/ nomination - Packaging, Product and Social Design - Student Category.

project ChipaBox - packaging design.

project Colonia - vases.

project WeToca - interactive object.


november 2020

/ Generation Leader.

/ award - BA Industrial Design.

Selected among my classmates and design department.


october 2020 - april 2021

/ Inédito - Design Week Mexico, Mexico City.

project Colonia - vases.


march 2020

/ A! Design Award.

/ finalist - Furniture Design Student Category.

project KA - auxiliary furniture.


february 2019

/ Linterna - Campamento, Guadalajara.

project KA - auxiliary furniture.