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mijali posada polydorides is a designer, maker and performer with studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, Politecnico di Milano and Tecnológico de Monterrey with an auto-ethnographic approach towards his practice. Conceiving pieces with strong narratives and emotionality, accompanied by a contextual understanding. 

/ bio.

Mijali Posada Polydorides (1997) is a Mexican-Cypriot designer currently pursuing a Master’s in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, with a background in Industrial Design by Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and with Product Design studies at Politecnico di Milano, in Italy. His works explore an auto-ethnographic approach towards design, exploring his relationship between being a designer-maker-performer using a poetic discourse linked to emotions to portray his works. The designer seeks to portray personal experiences linked to his context through deep and meaningful concepts that incite emotionality through different mediums.


He collaborated with different studios, such as Esrawe Studio in Mexico City, Francesco Librizzi Studio in Milan and MUMO Casa in Guadalajara before establishing his independent practice. His work has been showcased in different forums, such as Milan Design Week, Dutch Design Week, ZsONAMACO Diseño, Camento Feria de Diseño, and DECODE. Additionally, Mijali is a member of Colectivo Caravana, a design collective made up of four young Mexican designers that seek the exchange of knowledge through co-creation of objects with a high intellectual discourse.


Mijali has been named by Glocal Design Magazine as one of the new design and architecture promises, as well as one of the ‘29 talents under 30’ of 2021 by coolhuntermx. In 2021, his studio was selected by Grupo Salinas de Arte y Cultura to be part of the program "Sueñas, Aprendes y logras en el Arte", a program that boosts studios and craftsmen to improve their design practices with a business focus.

/ exhibitions.

2024 / my inner borders. Isola Design Gallery - Milan Design Week, Milan.

2023 / colonia. La Forma en el Espacio - RP Estudio, Puebla.

2023 / roka. Emergente - ZsONAMACO Diseño, Mexico City.

2023 / destapa x Caravana. Decode Group Show - Art Week, Mexico City.

2022 / la taquera. Isola Design Gallery - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven.

2022 / destapa x Caravana. Decode Group Show - Cuadrante, Monterrey.

2022 / roka. Inédito - Design Week México, Mexico City.

2022 / la taquera. / colonia. Five Years of Espacio de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño - Mexico Territorio Creativo, Mexico City.

2022 / garnacha x Caravana. / conexáo. Emergente - ZsONAMACO Diseño, Mexico City.

2021 / enikós. / garnacha x Caravana. Inédito - Design Week México, Mexico City.

2021 / colonia. / mon. Emergente - ZsONAMACO Diseño, Mexico City.

2020 / colonia. Inédito - Design Week México, Mexico City.

2019 / ka. Linterna - Campamento Feria de Diseño, Guadalajara.

/  scholarships.

/ talks.

2023 / lecture. Intro to Design. Tecnológico de Monterrey, Irapuato.

2023 / lecture. Design Talks. Expo Habitat, Mexico City.

2023 / dialogue. Design Tours. Design Week Mexico. Mexico City.

2022 / lecture. Design Breaking Tec 2023. Instituto Tecnológico de Pachuca. Pachuca.

2022 / lecture. El Diseño Es La Clave. Fundación Arturo Herrera Cabañas. Pachuca.

2022 / podcast. Todos Somos Diseño, el podcast. Online.

2021 / dialogue.  ZsONAMACO Diseño Emergente. Online.

/ press.

2024 / a! Diseño. Diseño Mexicano. No 134.

2023 / a! Diseño. Diseño Mexicano. No 133.

2023 / Grid Magazine. Mijali Posada, Diseño Narrativo. Grid Magazine 03.

2021 / coolhuntermx. Diseño Mexicano, los objetos del 2021. Digital.

2021 / Glocal Design Magazine. La huella de los jóvenes talentos: Cecilia León de la Barra. Glocal 62.

2021 / coolhuntermx. 29 talentos menores de 20. Digital.

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