Colonia is a set of two glass blown vases that seek to create a sense of collectivity through a simple geometry.

/ colonia.

vases (2020)
design week mexico.
/ awards and exhibitions.

Emergente - ZsONAMACO Diseño.


Mexico City, Mexico.


April 2021.

Inédito - Design Week Mexico.

Mexico City, Mexico.

October 2020 - April 2021.

Product Design - A! Design Award (Finalist)

Mexico City, Mexico.

October 2020 - April 2021.

Collectivity is what makes a group of individuals stronger than others, as it creates a sense of community; this idea of collectivity was portrayed for the creation of Colonia (Colony in Spanish). Metaphorizing the concept of collectivity, where the individuals are the plants and their objective is the creation of a calm environment for everyone around them.

Colonia’s inspiration comes from the fountains found on colonial houses around Mexico, as they played an important role in any home for being a relaxing place for its inhabitants, creating a balance at the interior of the residence. Colonia seeks to connect with the user by bringing the exterior world inside his home through a combination of light and transparencies, water, and plants.

The collection is composed of two vases with two interchangeable parts: the water container and the plant holder, the plant holders possess some openings that allow the plants to be free, taking the path they wish. The conceptual background was combined with a simple geometry, generating pieces that can be showcased in different spaces without breaking the harmony.

There was a collaboration with two craft workshops in Tonalá, Jalisco: Taller Silvano and Taller los Luna, using their expertise to validate the viability of the project, as well as the production. The objects were done using the hand glassblowing technique.

/ visual references.

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/ manufacturing process.

/ design: Mijali Posada Polydorides.

/ glassblowing: Efren Romero de la Cruz and Israel Cruz Vargas

/ glass machining: Josué Israel Luna Nuñez and Miram Anabel Marín Durán

/ materials: blown glass.

/ dimensions: 20 Ø x 30 H cm

/ status: production upon request.

/ place of production: Tonalá, Mexico.

/ photography: Mijali Posada.