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/ destapa.

bottle opener (2022)
colectivo caravana x decode

Destapa is a bottle opener that uses the experience factor as a medium to forge an emotional bond with the object.


Destapa is a bottle opener that utilizes the factor of experience as a characteristic means to forge a social and personal relationship between the object and the user. Destapa self-identifies as a project focused on the young, versatile, and participatory environment of this changing and dynamic world. It utilizes the factor of experience as a characteristic means to forge social and personal relationships between the object and the user. It aims to be that element that is always present in the company of a beer, and using it becomes a topic of conversation with your friends. Its name arises from interaction with the active street experience and community to which the object relates.


This accessible, portable, and personal element gives meaning to the time spent while enjoying a good time with friends, and its material usage denotes the good moments you've had. The materiality of the bottle opener is chosen so that over time, the use of the object and its experiences speak for themselves.


Destapa reflects on all components of the action of opening a beer, from celebrating the sound it produces to the awareness that each time it's used, it leaves a trace of time and laughter. The object is designed for constant interaction and contact; its design and shape aim to be a pragmatic object where its texture, shape, and continuity encourage contact, just like a child's toy - colorful, tangible, and with that certain something that only invites you to grab it and explore its shape with touch.


Destapa is a collaborative project part of Colectivo Caravana, a design collective that uses design as a tool to co-create objects in an horizontal scheme, stepping aside from the designers’ ego.

/ clients: Designed for DECODE Group Show

/ design: Colectivo Caravana.

/ awards and exhibitions: 

_ Group Show - DECODE 2022, Monterrey (2022).

_ Group Show - DECODE x Art Week. Mexico City (2023).

/ manufacturing: Fundición de Arte Galindo.

/ materials and techniques: Sandcasted bronze with patina.

/ dimensions: 6.4 x 1.5 x 14.4 H cm.

/ status: Production upon request.

/ place of production: Mexico City, México.

/ photography: Daniela Gutierrez and Mijali Posada Polydorides.

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DSC00364 (1).jpg
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