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/ garnacha.

vases (2021)
ceramics collection

Garnacha is a collection of objects that homage Mexican street food by translating the experience into physical objects.


The Garnacha collection was conceived as a homage to Mexican street food, and the overflowing cultural significance of eating tacos, and food in general, on the street, basking under the overwhelming diversity of the street food culture in the Mexican landscape.


The experience of eating at an improvised food stand on the side of a road is one that has been enjoyed by every inhabitant of the country. Its culture and undeniable taste has transcended social norms, causing it to be loved by everyone, regardless of genders, socioeconomic status, and race, it not only represents food and culture but community and the way it’s created through the most primal characteristics shared by humans, the senses.


Through the re-contextualization of each of the sensorial triggers in the experience, we reflect on the highly utilitarian nature of the objects present on a street food stand, and try to distill the experience to its most basic expression, designing four objects, each one reflecting on the four stages of the street food experience that were synthesized after arduous field investigation: Captivate, Contain, Prepare and Consume. The designed objects were: an incense holder, a piggy bank, a sauce container and a plate, each one of them alluding to the specific stage.


By using human sensorial characteristics as the main driver to abstract each of the stages of the street food experience, and the way each one is stimulated particularly by different triggers. The collection tries to communicate feelings in a way that transcends barriers and differences that have long been in place, to the greater number.


Garnacha is a collaborative project part of Colectivo Caravana, a design collective that uses design as a tool to co-create objects in an horizontal scheme, stepping aside from the designers’ ego.

/ clients: Personal collection.

/ design: Colectivo Caravana.

/ awards and exhibitions:

_ Inédito - Design Week Mexico, Mexico City (2021).

_ Emergente - ZsONAMACO Diseño, Mexico City (2022). 

/ manufacturing: Artiganato.

/ materials and techniques: Red clay glazed.

/ dimensions:

_ incense holder (12 x 12 x 5 H cm).

_ piggy bank (13 x 16 x 19 H cm).

_ sauce container (13 x 6 x 13 H cm).

_ plate (24 x 24 x 9 H cm).

/ status: Production upon request.

/ place of production: Toluca, México.

/ photography: Joseph Dominic.

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