KA is a set of auxiliary furniture that seeks to rethink the way we perceive furniture by using new materials.


/ ka. 

auxiliary furniture (2018)
apasionada maquinación.
/ awards and exhibitions.

Linterna - Campamento Mexican Design Fair.

Guadalajara, Mexico.

February 2019.

Finalist Student Furniture Design - A! Design Award.

Mexico City, Mexico.

December 2019.


KA is a set of auxiliary furniture that pays tribute to the nopal, an iconic plant from Mexico. Even though it’s unique, it is not well appreciated by people, as it is stereotyped by foreigners for being a plant that grows all over Mexico. With this idea in mind, the collection was designed to generate an emotional bond with the object, by the deep analysis of the plant in the environment. The collection was designed during the project of Apasionada Maquinación (Passionate Machining), that seeks to create products machined in a production line in less than ten minutes, creating a unique experience for the user.

Material experimentation was key for the development of the project, so polyurethane foam was used as the main material of the product. The main objective of this project was to rethink the way furniture is seen and used, so as an object is introduced in the foam, it creates conversation and intrigue of how a product can be used, an example of this is the easy-to-assemble method allows KA to adapt to the current people’s lifestyle. In the other hand, a craft technique had to be modernized, so the weaving technique was reinterpreted and combined with the lathe, so that the thread could be rolled over the wooden leg, alluding the Prickly pear found on the nopal plant.

/ visual references.

pictures from Pinterest.

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/ manufacturing process.

/ design: Claudia Pérez UlloaXimena Pérez Moreno, and Mijali Posada Polydorides.

/ project mentors: Alejandro Díaz, Juan Leñero and Manuel Borrayo.

/ materials: polyurethane foam, pine wood and steel.

/ dimensions (variable): 37 x 37 x 35 cm, 45 x 37 x 45 cm, 55 x 37 x 55 cm.

/ status: production upon request.

/ photography: Mijali Posada.

/ video: Paulina Alva.



/ professors Semester i

- Alejandro Díaz, Experience Design

- Juan Leñero, Models and Prototypes

- Manuel Borrayo, Advanced Digital Modeling

- Giovany Gil, Manufacturing Processes

- Óscar Jiménez, Design and Innovation

- Alejandro Rodríguez, User Centered Design


/ workshop specialists

- Raul de la Torre, Wood Lab

- Joel López, Wood Lab

- Roberto Chávez, Metal Lab

- Josué Aceves, Metal Lab

- Fernando Dávila, Plastic Lab

- Luis Campos, Rapid Prototyping Lab

- Mauricio, Warehouse

- Jaime Quesada, Warehouse

/ collaborators

- Novaera, Foam

- Maquinaria Leñero, Metalwork

- Tedima, Lathe work

/ suppliers

​- Maderera El Cerezo

​- Mercería Santa Tere

​- Herso Metales

- Metales Machina

- Novaera

- AMB Poliuretano

- Tedima