/ la taquera.



/ materials: pine wood.
/ status: prototype.
/ technical assistance: Raul de la Torre (woodworking).
/ photography: Fabián Rodríguez and Mijali Posada.

La Taquera was featured in Student Design.



Despite having duties of great value for society, urban characters aren’t given the place they deserve. The tacos might be one the most emblematic and most consumed culinary products in Mexico, furthermore, the street taco suffers from various stigmas since its consumption is linked to a popular lifestyle. However, tacos are consumed in almost every social class. So through the representation of a mystic character in an object “La Taquera” (the taco maker) was born, to tribute all those women around Mexico that perform this occupation, considered art by some, or at least their palates.

The chair seeks to reflect the exterior delicacy, but interior hardness, such as the character: brave and bold to face long working hours. The chair inspires in the physical form of the character, mimicking the “delivery of a plate” position, mirroring the humbleness of the taco maker, always ready to help her clients. La Taquera aims to be a piece of furniture easy to product and long-lasting durability due to the angled-made assemblies. The prototype was done in waxed pine wood.


mijali posada / industrial design.

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