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/ my inner borders.

water dripping sculpture (2023)

My Inner Borders explores the auto-ethnographic approach towards the relevance of material and mental borders within my context as a form of a water dripping sculpture, where the materiality is used as a physical medium to heal myself from my past boundaries.

Photo 09_My Inner Borders.jpg

Where can I position myself in this world full of chaos, divided by egocentric individuals that look for their own interest before others’? Am I just from one place? Or am I from different places? These voids in my identity made me who I am, making me understand my positionality within my context. I am water, earth and metal, physical borders set by egocentric individuals. I am a collision of thoughts and ideas, that make up mental borders. Am I here to break my individuality? Or am I here to reconstruct that idea? I am looking for answers in places where they cannot be found, questions in places I have never sought before.


‘My inner borders’ is a performative water dripping sculpture that explores my auto-ethnographic approach towards the healing ritual of my internal borders. Referred as the borders created by the materialistic and imaginary worlds made by my multicultural context, colliding and making voids in my identity. Filtering and healing my wounds made me who I am as an individual, exploring the concept of my cultural exchange, detaching from these chains, which kept me from being my free and authentic self.


The material approach of the piece explores materials found within my physical borders, water played a key element, depicting the filtering of heritage. Using unglazed red clay as a medium to represent the complexity of layers in my cultural exchange, and a brushed-polished aluminum to portray distorted reflections of oneself.

/ design: Mijali Posada Polydorides.

/ awards and exhibitions: Isola Design Gallery - Milan Design Week, Milan (2024).

/ materials and techniques: Handmade Red Clay, Polished Aluminum, Polypropylene Cord.

/ dimensions: 40 x 40 x 200 H cm.

/ status: production.

/ production place: Eindhoven, Netherlands.

/ photography: Mijali Posada Polydorides.

Photo 02_My Inner Borders.jpg
Photo 06_My Inner Borders.jpg
Photo 12_My Inner Borders.jpg
Photo 07_My Inner Borders.jpg
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